All stories, be it either film, games, animation or television, come from the same place: the deep desires and wounds of the human soul.

Let me help you write the story you truly want to tell, on a professional level, no matter your prior experience. I'll coach you through the process to write a script that is authentic and amazing.

I specialize in screenwriting for Film & Television and teach as the great Aristoteles and John Truby.

What people said about me

"All parts serve the whole.

All parts serve the character change."

- Claire Zhou.

"While working together with Claire you immediately notice how much passion and knowledge she has for the craft, and how dedicated she is to helping others tell their stories in a clear and impactful way."
Lindsay Vluttert
HKU Graduate
"This past year our team has closely worked together with Claire, who was a ball of creative energy and enthusiasm in every writing session. She is motivating and has the knowhow to help you put down the story that you want to tell."
Dara A Dharmaperwira
Knipser Animation

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