Misery Jim (2019-)

Co-creator/Showrunner - Claire Zhou

Animated Series

Duration - 22 min. per episode

Spoken language - English

Status: In development.

In Misery Jim, we follow the incredible misadventures of Jim, an insecure societal failure of a man, though truly loving and well-intentioned, all set in a future of space travel and living on Mars. Jim’s daily desperate attempts to prove himself to his overly successful and intimidating wife, his overly dramatic dragqueen son, his burnt-out preschool daughter or his genetically modified and superior brother, take him to the far stretches of the solar system, battling aliens and rediscovering what it means to be a ‘human male’. Though poor Jim is not nearly capable to handle any of the inhumane standards of the future and seems to be cursed to always remain... painfully mediocre.

But he’ll never stop trying, which will take him and his family on the most hilarious and insane adventures in the galaxy.


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