That's me!

A passionate filmmaker & storyteller.

I believe in the power of storytelling. I believe that in every human story, there is an universal truth that can unite people from all different backgrounds, bring insights and revolutionize their life.

To me, cinematic storytelling is based on the universal language of humanity and emotion.

Through this, I want to share my personal insights in an entertaining and artistic way.

Because I love the artistic journey of crafting and telling stories

Because I’m destined to show people that it’s okay to be human.


Claire Zhou (1996) is a talented graduate from the University of the Arts Utrecht,  currently working as a writer, director & showrunner. She was born and raised in the Netherlands.

Currently she is working on the festival distribution of her graduation film and developing a high caliber series for Dutch Mountain Film named Metro 26.

Stills, video and pictures on this website are under copyright protection.

Claire Zhou 2018 ©

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